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CSI Canada Safety

Since 2006, CSI Canada Safety has been redefining health, safety, security and environment for the Resource industry through a passion for innovation and quality. We assist companies in maintaining compliance and developing HSSE programs at sites by providing management or consultants. The worry stops when CSI is on sites.

Serving all of your HSSE needs anywhere you need us!

What We Do

By working closely with their clients in all aspects of the resource sector, CSI has become key mentors and influences safety on all types of worksites.

The worry stops when CSI is on sites:

  • Drilling and Completions
  • Mining exploration and operations
  • Oilsands coring and exploration
  • Lease or Site Construction
  • Service rig operations
  • Pipelines
  • Trucking
  • Camp Facilities

Experience matters! With all of the combined years of experience within its workforce of highly trained, qualified team members; CSI works at all levels to lead and support real change in HSSE within the industry. They provide guidance for supervisors and workers to eliminate hazards wherever they may exist and to ensure legislative and company policy compliance and avoid potential incidents. Regardless of country, we are knowledgeable to ensure compliance.

Types of Services:

  • HSE Consulting
  • Project HSE Management
  • Enform COR Audits
  • ISNetworld / Complyworks Compliance
  • HSE Program Development

Services include:

  • Onsite Supervisors to maintain safety regulations
  • Safety Consultants to assist Company representatives on site
  • Safety Audits and Site Inspections
  • Quality job specific JSA’s for tasks
  • Hazard Awareness on worksite
  • Assistance in Quality Safety Meetings on worksite
  • Prevention of unsafe work and guidance to eliminate hazards
  • Awareness of company policies and procedures
  • Assurance of required compliance for Client and project
  • Incident and accident investigations and reporting
  • Creation and maintenance of action logs with Completion Dates
  • Our staff provide continuous safety supportive awareness

ALWAYS EVOLVING… to remain the industry leader


“This is by far the most well-rounded and best executed safety program on any of our sites anywhere in the world.”

Simon Byrne

Global General Manager of HSEC Operations and Support

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Bonnyville: 780-826-7642