Worksite Safety

CSI Provides Onsite Experienced Workers for the Resource Industry to Manage your Safety Needs.

We offer our services for: Drilling Operations, Mining, Oil Sands, Completion Operations, Construction Operations, Service Rig Operations, Personnel Camps, and More.

Safety Advisor / Supervisor Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Work closely with On Site Supervisor to maintain Safety Regulations on worksite
  • Assist in conducting regular Safety Audits and Site Inspections—Documented
  • Ensure quality job specific JSA’s for tasks
  • Promote and execute Hazard Awareness on worksite
  • Assist to ensure quality Safety Meetings on worksite
  • To stop any unsafe work and provide guidance for workers to eliminate hazards with the support of the On Site Supervisor – Right to Refuse
  • To ensure 3rd parties are aware of company policies and procedures prior to executing their job by means of Site specific Orientations
  • Assist in Emergency/Safety Drills, recording of and analyzing for making more effective
  • Tracking any paperwork necessary to ensure Regulatory and Company Standards are kept in compliance
  • To share industry incidents with On Site crews and review procedures to avoid possible incidents / accidents on current worksite
  • Assist in Accident / Incident investigation and reporting
  • Create and maintain Action Logs with Completion dates maintained
  • Is not part of the conventional crew and does not get directly involved in tasks and general activities that the crew would generally perform. Observe and Assist and Report.
  • Verify proper training and certificates of workers / visitors
  • Site Security
  • Coach and mentor workers / visitors

ALWAYS EVOLVING... to remain the industry leader


"This is by far the most well-rounded and best executed safety program on any of our sites anywhere in the world."

Simon Byrne

Global General Manager of HSEC Operations and Support

CAODC safety member for over 10 yrs.

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Toll Free: 1-877-919-7473
Bonnyville: 780-826-7642


Toll Free: 1-877-919-7473
Bonnyville: 780-826-7642

CSI Canada Safety Bonnyville