Shell Canada: 2003 – 2023

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Turkey, Columbia, Ukraine

In 2003 – 2006, the CEO of CSI was hired by a drilling company to assist in safety programs and mentoring.

Our relationship with Shell first began when they acquired an existing company in northern British Columbia in the Montney Shale Gas play. The acquired company had a very high TRIF   (Total Recordable Incident Frequency) in their drilling operations and did not meet Shell’s high standards. We immediately deployed 4 HSE Professionals to manage the on-site operations with huge success and within 1 year CSI was responsible for all HSE matters for the entire project including construction, drilling, completions and road transport.  When we began the project the TRIF was 5.2 and under CSI HSE supervision the TRIF was reduced to 0.9.

As word of our success spread to other assets within Shell our services expanded to other areas and by mid-2010 we were overseeing all of Shell’s upstream HSE matters in Canada, working in 4 provinces and having over 80 HSE professionals in the field, corporate and field offices. A group of our team where hand selected and sent to Houston Texas to be trained as Rig Inspectors & Lifting and Hoisting Trainers. As we continued to drive the TRIF down we finally hit our “Goal Zero” mark during the winter project in the Albian Mine Oil Sands project in 2014. This was the first time in Shell history that a project of this size had zero recordable incidents the project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Shell has put many of our team in management position throughout their organization as well as sending us on special projects in such countries as Columbia, Ukraine and Turkey. In this position, we are required to do presentation at all DWOP (drill well on paper), CWOP (complete well on paper) these presentations are addressing all Shell staff, drilling/completions contractors, geology and service providers. CSI has become Shell’s Field HSSE management team and answer directly to the corporate office.

As the sole HSSE provider we:

  • present at the annual corporate meeting.
  • provide site orientations
  • review and develop JSA (Job Safety Analysis) and SWP (Safe Work Procedures)
  • behavior observations
  • permitting and SIMOPS (simultaneous operations) coordination
  • lifting and hoisting supervisors
  • supervise road transport operations
  • inspect breathing air equipment
  • ice road/bridge inspections
  • conduct testing on all produced and flow back fluid for NORMs (naturally occurring radioactive material)
  • site inspections
  • coaching and mentoring of all workers and managers
  • statistical analysis / tracking and trending
  • incident and accident investigation
  • consult on new corporate policy
  • mine driving instructor
  • silica testing