Northwest Sequoia: 2011

Tech Coal Mine-Southern British Columbia

Northwest Sequoia who was doing exploration drilling in the Tech Coal mine for over 10 years were on the verge of losing the contract do to a spike in serious incidents which they could not resolve. They had heard of the success we were having with other companies and approached us for help. We mobilized to the mine and did a full audit of all the rigs (equipment, procedures, personnel, practices etc.) This audit along with extensive observation of both day and night operations identified many serious gaps which were addressed with Sr. Management and the Action Plan was developed.

All gaps were then shared with the field personnel and the corrective actions were discussed and implemented and within 1 month of the corrections being implemented the project was incident free. Northwest Sequoia kept the contract.

  • “Tap Root” accident investigation on past incidents to get to the heart of the problem
  • Gap analysis and report to both
  • policy and procedure review and correction
  • behavioral and safety attitude observations and correction
  • management behavior and correction