Brion Energy: 2013 – 2016

Northern Alberta

This winter drilling and plant expansion project was experiencing problems with a high incident rate when we were approached.  Do to the complexity of this project there were a large number of contractors working unsupervised in an extremely large area. We immediately held a meeting with every contractor’s management team to ensure moving forward that all HSE protocols were being followed. This paired with random site visits, coaching/mentoring opportunities, audits and weekly HSE/progress meetings etc. the project quickly came under control.  Brion’s management seeing the positive results (rapid decrease in incidents) and the development of a “safety culture” throughout the project expanded our HSE presence to other projects.

  • scaffolding inspections
  • ice road/bridge inspections
  • behavioral observation and mentoring/coaching
  • contractor management project/safety meeting and presentation
  • manage permits, MOC (management of change) and inspections