Bellatrix Exploration: 2013-2016

Northern Alberta

This project was a winter drilling operation during the months of December-March in areas not assessable in the summer months due to ground conditions involved travel over ice roads, ice bridges over frozen bodies of water held a unique set of challenges. Not only did we need to oversee the daily HSE matters on a group of small coring rigs but had to oversee the inspections of ice road/bridge conditions, JMP (journey management plans) etc. In these areas of operations such this as radio control/communication of roads is essential and this compliance by all contractors was one of our responsibilities. Emergency response is also critical in this vast remote terrain, therefore emergency drills, accurate maps and locations were also under our mandate.

  • attend and chair safety meetings
  • mentor and coach as many workers in project are seasonal and lack experience
  • facilitate weekly management meetings
  • incident investigation