Advanced Construction Techniques (A.C.T.): 2012-2013

Cold Lake military base & weapons range-Eastern Alberta

This unique area of operations adds some interesting challenges in that we are drilling, completing and servicing wells on an active military weapons range.  HSE is even more complex in this area as we not only have our industry standards to follow but also Canadian military policies to follow. We organized and supervised the cleaning, inspections and repairing of 400bbl tanks. CSI was in charge of developing the ERP, testing the atmosphere for H2S, Oxygen deficiencies and LELs as well as providing air trailers and personnel to monitor air and have spotters in place watching the work being done in the confined space encase an emergency rescue was required.

  • develop/execute man down rescue drills
  • develop emergency response and rescue plans
  • supply and maintain breathing air equipment (SABA, SCBA, air trailers, tripods etc.)
  • review and develop proper procedures for new tasks
  • risk assessment training