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Maintaining safety, insurance, quality and regulatory information on contractors and suppliers can often be a strain on internal resources. ISN streamlines these processes, saving time and improving safety standards. Hiring Clients use ISNetworld to standardize contractor management across multiple sites and geographic regions, clearly communicate requirements and expectations and exchange data with other internal systems. The result is lower incident rates and higher compliance numbers.


Proven Contractor Management for the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry relies on contractors to perform a wide range of work that’s required to discover new reserves, bring them into production and deliver the oil and gas to market. These contractors range from farmers hired to clear snow from roads to the wells on their property to global drilling companies operating complex rigs in remote locations. Each contractor represents different types and degrees of risk to the company that hires them, from health, safety and environment to insurance and worker’s compensation liability.

ComplyWorks contractor management solutions have been proven to mitigate those risks in Canada, the United States and Europe. Our relevant compliance with active monitoring allows oil and gas companies to communicate requirements to contractors, collect required information from those contractors, and enforce their compliance requirements throughout the organization. From the office to the field, the people making hiring decisions, contractors and employees know exactly what’s required of them and have the tools to make the right decisions in real time.

The result is risk mitigation that increases safety at work sites, accelerates the hiring process, improves the quality of work performed and strengthens the relationships between employers, contractors and employees.


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"This is by far the most well-rounded and best executed safety program on any of our sites anywhere in the world."

Simon Byrne

Global General Manager of HSEC Operations and Support

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