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Worksite Safety



CSI provides Onsite experienced workers for the Resource Industry to manage your safety needs.

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Safety Advisor / Supervisor Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Work closely with On Site Supervisor to maintain Safety Regulations on worksite
  • Assist in conducting regular Safety Audits and Site Inspections—Documented
  • Ensure quality job specific JSA’s for tasks
  • Promote and execute Hazard Awareness on worksite
  • Assist to ensure quality Safety Meetings on worksite
  • To stop any unsafe work and provide guidance for workers to eliminate hazards with the support of the On Site Supervisor – Right to Refuse
  • To ensure 3rd parties are aware of company policies and procedures prior to executing their job by means of Site specific OrientationsKarl D instructing
  • Assist in Emergency/Safety Drills, recording of and analyzing for making more effective
  • Tracking any paperwork necessary to ensure Regulatory and Company Standards are kept in compliance
  • To share industry incidents with On Site crews and review procedures to avoid possible incidents / accidents on current worksite
  • Assist in Accident / Incident investigation and reporting
  • Create and maintain Action Logs with Completion dates maintained
  • Is not part of the conventional crew and does not get directly involved in tasks and general activities that the crew would generally perform. Observe and Assist and Report.
  • Verify proper training and certificates of workers / visitors
  • Site Security
  • Coach and mentor workers / visitors