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Site Specific Orientations

Orientations onsite play a critical role is identifying what is acceptable and what is not allowed on a work site.

Some of the policies explained to workers at check in are based on occupational regulations and others are based on Company policies, both of which are to be followed at all time.

Karl D instructing

Site Specific Instruction

PPE to be worn by workers will be described upon entry to a site. Equipment being used will be inspected before work is performed.

Specific hazardous conditions that exist onsite are explained at this point as well along with emergency muster points and location of emergency equipment in the case of.

Site sign in and out is critical in identifying potentially injured or missing personnel in the case of an emergency. Rules regarding incident reporting will be explained.

Trainings are validated and new or inexperienced employees are identified at this point and assigned a mentor.

Specific job assignments/duties are described and the procedures to do these are reviewed at the same time to ensure they are safely performed.

Site supervisors are notified of personnel entering the site to ensure an efficient and safe worksite.

These are among just a few things that should be explained when you are onsite ready to work.