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Safety/ Orientation Trailers

Orientation / Emergency Units (trailers)

CSI has Orientation Trailers that can be rented. These units are:

  • Easy to Transport
  • Rugged and Reliable
  • Self-powered and Heated
  • No plug-in necessary
  • Multi-purpose
CSI Orientation Trailer

CSI Orientation Trailer In Use

The trailers can serve as a:

  • Safety / Security Check in
  • Medic Station
  • Mobile Office
  • Meeting Room
CSI Orientation Trailer

CSI Orientation Trailer

These units include:

  • First Aid and Eye Wash Station
  • Emergency Access Doors
  • Fold down Medic Bed
  • TV & DVD
  • White Board & Corkboard

Picture2 Picture3

These units are designed for use on Drilling, Completion, Construction and Plant Sites.

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