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Incident / Accident Investigation

Having incidents, accidents and near misses documented and investigated thoroughly is an important and vital step in recognizing root causes … so as to avoid similar incidents in the future.

CSI’s will assist onsite Supervisors complete investigations. This can be by documentation as well as questioning, taking statements, creating NEW procedures and/or just noting action items to avoid it from happening again.

Sharing of incident investigations with field personnel especially primary and root causes is an important step of an incident investigation. With no sharing of information about any incident / near miss or accident causation, no learnings will occur.

Job Procedures, company policies or training may need to be changed in order to reduce the chance of a similar incident occurring again.

Many incidents occur due to complacency, fatigue, lack of training, unfamiliarity with job procedure or in many cases – Company policies or job procedures are simply not followed.

Always ensure that engineered controls or administrative controls are put in place if possible to eliminate risks / hazards.

Reporting serious incidents, injuries or fatalities is LAW.

Information sharing with industry may be necessary in some cases in order to make industry wide change.

Proper training to do investigations properly is a must. CSI’s are required to have Accident / Investigation training.

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