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Right to Refuse Work

CSI supports “Right to Refuse”

Encouraging employees and contractors to evaluate the risks of the work they undertake, and to be responsible for bringing any safety or health concerns to the attention of their supervisor is a HUGE part of working safely.

  • Personnel will be selected to undertake a specific task or job function based on the qualifications and capabilities required to perform that specific task or job function.
  • Any person has the right to refuse to carry out any work, on reasonable and probable grounds, when they believe that there exists an imminent danger to the health or safety of him/herself, or another person present at the worksite.  Legislation and CSI Canada Safety management support this right.
  • No person will be criticized, reprimanded or penalized for questioning a job procedure or exercising this right to refuse

Every employee/contractor is responsible for the identification of potential hazards, risks, unsafe work environments or unsafe work practices, and for immediately communicating these to their supervisor and/or the client site representative.

An employee/contractor has a responsibility to refuse work they consider to be unsafe, or which may present a hazard to themselves or other workers.  An employee/contractor who refuses to carry out any work, or operate tools or equipment because of safety concerns, must immediately notify the supervisor and/or the client site representative that they are refusing to perform the task and the reason for the refusal.

Upon being notified of a safety concern or work stoppage, the supervisor shall:

  • Investigate the incident, and take action to eliminate the danger.
  • Ensure that no other worker performs the job unless the worker will not be exposed to the danger or the danger has been eliminated.
  • Contact the Operations Manager to act as a resource on the resolution of the situation.
  • Where the supervisor feels that the report is not valid, he/she must so inform the person who made the report.

Once the situation has been resolved, the supervisor will complete an Incident Report. In the event there is a disagreement between the worker and the supervisor, the Operations Manager will investigate, assess the risk and take corrective action.

If the danger has not been removed to the satisfaction of the worker, the matter will be referred to the Vice President, Operations.  Should the situation remain unresolved after the Vice President, Operations’ investigation and review, the Vice President, Operations and/or the worker will contact provincial Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) to assist in the resolution of the concern.  The worker will be assigned to another job during the investigation with no loss of pay.