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Our CEO and Founder

Dean Shaver CEO/Founder

Dean Shaver spent many years in the Canadian oil patch before starting CSI in 2006. These years were spent mainly on drilling rigs in a number of different positions but primarily as a Derrickhand and as a Safety Captain. After a hiatus from the oil field due to a workplace injury suffered as a Derrickhand, Dean got back into the oil field with his safety company that he had started…..this time as a Safety Advisor / Technician / Coach. Dean ShaverHe would travel to rig sites trying to get their safety up to par. He had a HUGE desire to keep oil workers safe as he had learned that sometimes safety wasn’t the top priority…production was. You have to ask yourself …. “would I rather receive Workers Compensation pay or would I rather have good health”. It is up to all of us to make that choice but I think we can agree on the latter. This mindset paid off as he was able to work with some very well-known companies who put him on the map. What he brought to the table made an impact. The rest is history as they say.

Dean’s past experience, commitment and passion for safety still come to the forefront when dealing with potential new and existing clients. He works hard to ensure all his clients are satisfied and is always searching for great results.

The oil and gas industry, which is always in a state constant decline or growth, keeps Dean on his toes and I don’t think Dean would like it any other way.