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CSI Onsite Inspections (4)

Pump House Inspection

A thorough inspection of all equipment on the work site is a must.

Unsafe or uninspected equipment can lead to serious incidents, injuries or even fatalities on a work site.

Many pieces of equipment perform crucial tasks such as well control, alarm sounding or even medical aid.

Certain legislation applies to inspecting certain equipment but in almost all cases inspections are to be done by competent persons.

Many inspections are required daily but not all are required to be documented. Most inspections are visual but many documented inspections required much more than visual checks.

It is important to repair or take out of service any unsafe equipment that may be on a worksite. In some case this may be with the aid of a lockout process.

Please notify a supervisor immediately of any unsafe condition found with a piece of equipment as this may stop a serious incident or injury from occurring.

Some inspections need to be performed off site at an approved location and others need to be performed with a specific timeline.

Verifying inspection processes along with having proper documentation onsite will ensure safety in the workplace and/or on the work site.









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