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HSE Policy

CSI Canada Safety is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that will safeguard the health and safety and security of our employees and subcontractors, clients, visitors, the public, and will protect the environment.

All levels of our management are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe work place with proper procedures, training, and equipment to ensure that work activities are performed to accepted industry standards and in compliance with government regulations. We are also responsible for the promotion of positive, safe work attitudes for all employees and subcontractors.

All employees and contractors, as an integral component of their work, share the responsibility to perform their tasks in a safe manner by:

  • Observing all safety rules
  • Following safe work procedures
  • Wearing and using personal protective equipment when required
  • Participating in safety training and
  • Reporting any unsafe work conditions.

Our expectations also include a dedicated participation in our Health, Safety and Environmental programs, and contributions toward the continuous improvement of our standards and controls.

By fulfilling our shared responsibilities we will maintain CSI Canada Safety as a healthy and safe place to work, and as a desirable member of the communities in which we operate.