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Emergency Response Drills

Having Emergency Response Plans in place on the work site is a legislative requirement.

Having proof of documented emergency response drills is also a requirement.

A number of different drills can be performed on a work site which may involve medics and can range from personnel injuries, man drown, fire and/or blowout, H2S release or even Fall Rescue. Training for emergencies is the best way to be prepared for the worst case scenario to ensure timely response.

CSI Drill Dumby

Drill performed at height

CSI’s are required to have H2S and First Aid training to help in regards to emergencies.

CSI’s will ensure worker trainings related to emergencies are up to date and practiced properly.

CSI’s will aid / assist the onsite work supervisors to ensure efficiency and also add advice on how to make better.

Information on ERPs will be verified for accuracy In Case of an actual emergency.

Drills will be timed and performed at regular intervals.

Emergency Drills will be documented with results discussed.

Differentiating First Aid and Medical treatment is also important as is recognizing medical conditions.