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CSI Canada Air

State of the art Breathing Air Trailers

CSI Breathing Air Trailers (1)

CSI Breathing Air Trailer

CSI Canada Air provides custom designed breathing air trailers that are:

  • Easy to transport
  • meet or exceed regulatory standards
  • have simple installation

The breathing air trailers feature RAE Wireless Gas Detection Units

  • Magnetic mounted sensors
  • Detection of CO, H2S, SO2, and LEL
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Quick and easy to Rig in and Rig out

The trailers are rugged, reliable and versatile. Each trailer includes:

  • Accessible high pressure air bottles for working with supplied air
  • An installed Ruffneck heater to keep the trailer above the freezing point in cold weather conditions

    CSI Air Trailer - inside

    Inside view – CSI Breathing Air Trailer

Customize each trailer with options such as:

  • Flare Kits
  • Road Block Kits
  • 4 Head Gas Detectors
  • Personal Gas Monitors (Badges)
  • SCBA’s, SABA’s

These trailers are designed for Drilling, Completion, Construction and Plant sites.

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