Fatigued Driving

Fatigued Driving If you're driving tired… you're driving impaired. Drowsy drivers put themselves and other road users at risk. Fatigue affects our ability to drive by slowing reaction time, ... [Continue Reading]

Journey Management

Journey Management Plans (JMP) are intended for non-professionals travelling on company business. This documentation is a key part of attaining a COR but more importantly this helps employee ... [Continue Reading]

CSI Supports Peru

CSI supports good causes in Peru For the past 2 years CSI has generously donated to improve living conditions in the Andes (central Peru). In April 2013 CSI donated $6000 which sponsored months ... [Continue Reading]

Truck Traffic Safety

In the oilfield it is a daily routine to share roadways with large trucks as many provide services critical to oil field operations. Knowing how to share the roads with these transport trucks will ... [Continue Reading]

Night Time Driving

This time of year the hours of daylight have plummeted from what we experienced in the summer. This means we will probably have to drive more often during hours of darkness. Here are some tips for ... [Continue Reading]

Complacency Part 2

Complacency is defined as "calm contentment; satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies." For example: A deer at a watering hole is enjoying a cool ... [Continue Reading]

Slips, Trips and Falls

Jane was picking up some left over trays at an oilfield camp when she slipped on some spilled food and went ass over tea kettle sending trays and plates flying. Red faced, she picked herself off the ... [Continue Reading]

How to live with Stress

If you are feeling stress on the job, relax, it’s normal. Stress is our internal system that alerts us to the fact that something is wrong and action needs to be taken. In fact, it’s almost impossible ... [Continue Reading]


Most companies have all sorts of programs in place that encourage intervening. They have policies in place stating that each worker has the right to ‘Stop Work’; there are ‘Pause’ programs that have ... [Continue Reading]